Beat the Summer Slump!

Beat the summer slump by encouraging your child to be active and engage in reading and math activities over the summer. Just practicing a couple times a week can make all the difference in your child's future. Here you will find a series of free online educational programs and games that represent the best of what the internet has to offer.



Yearbook! Yearbook! Yearbook!

2014-2015 SCHOOL YEAR   
School will begin August 18 at 8:50.  The school office will open August 4 from7:30 - 4:00  M-F.  Telephone: 530-378-7060 ...

Happy Dance   

Read Across America Event   
Students celebrate reading!

Mind UP   
MindUP™ nurtures optimism and happiness in the classroom, helps eliminate bullying and aggression, increases empathy,...

A Million Reasons to Believe   
Anderson Middle School presents "A Million Reasons to Believe!" campaign. For each letter written to Santa and placed in...

Students with Special Needs See State Scores Soar   
API jumps for students with special needs.

State test Scores Released!   
See some of the results...

Read Every Day. Lead a Better Life.   
Reading every day with our children is an incredible investment in their happy, healthy, and successful future. Take a look at...